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South Mountain Window Cleaning, LLC is the top-rated window cleaning service in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer full service commercial and residential window cleaning to our clients valley-wide. With over 300 five-star Google reviews, it is apparent that our clients are pleased with our service. We are a proud vendor for Amazon and Google Home Services. Our window cleaning technicians are all clean-cut, polite, and well trained. We seek out and hire only the best. Whether you have a 1-bedroom condo or a 100,000 square foot commercial property, you can rely on South Mountain Window Cleaning, LLC to restore your property’s curb appeal. Reach out to us today to get a fast and free quote for any of your cleaning needs.

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South Mountain Window Cleaning FAQs

What is included in window cleaning?

When hiring a window cleaning company, always consider the amount of time needed to complete certain tasks and what is included. Typically inside and outside windows are included with a few extras. Wiping window frames free of dirt and cobwebs, wiping inside window sills, and cleaning bug screens are typically done while washing the windows. Cleaning window tracks is very time consuming, so check if this is included with the company you intent to hire. Sunscreens or solar shades that cover windows are also a timely task. There is typically an additional charge for these. Lastly, please consider that window cleaners pay very high insurance premiums, so they do need to include this in their prices.

Big shout out to Trade Window Window Cleaning in Irvine, CA graciously provided this information.

Why should I have my windows cleaned?

If you own a commercial property, then cleaning your windows is an absolute must. Customers always make a first impression when they come to you. If your place is shiny and well kept, then customers will want to stay longer, and come back more often. If you own your own home, then cleaning your windows will ensure the longevity of them, as well as make friends and family feel more welcome.

Leaving dust or dirt on your windows and frames will have lasting consequences. Over time, the sun will cook the dirt into your glass and frames making it impossible to clean.

Phoenix window cleaning is very important because of the dust and hot environment we live in year round.  When hiring a window cleaning company after the summer monsoons, be mindful they are typically super busy, so plan to schedule a few weeks before you actually want them cleaned.

How much should I charge to clean windows?

How much should window cleaning cost? This question is asked by so many customers, so let’s take a look into what is behind the price and what you should expect to pay. Consider first that window cleaners pay some of the highest insurance costs as a company. They climb ladders, drive a lot, and enter people’s homes. This increases risk dramatically over most other industries, so keep this in mind when getting prices. When pricing your home for window washing, most window companies charge by the pane of glass. If you have a sliding glass door, this is not 1 pane, it is 2 panes of glass. Second floor windows are usually higher than first, so consider this too. Expect to pay on average $6-$8 per pane on the first floor to $8-$12 per pane on the second floor for inside and outside window cleaning.

*Information provided from our friends at Blue Skies Services window cleaning services in Cincinnati, OH.

How do I prepare for window cleaning?

Ok, you’ve scheduled a window company to come clean the windows at your home. What should you plan to do to prepare for the workers to come into your home, or even to clean the outside? First, you want to make sure all valuables are away from any windows. You probably do not need to move any furniture unless it is blocking the window. Don’t remove screens before they come either. This may confuse them as to where they go back, and you may break or bend them. Window cleaners are experts in handling screens without bending or breaking them! Gratitude to Pine Country Window Cleaning for informing us.

How to tell if your gutters need cleaning?

Is there a way to tell if your gutters need cleaning without looking into them?  The answer is only if rains really hard, or if you pay someone to go on your roof and check it out for you.

The problem of rain overflowing your gutters is that it will damage whatever is below them.  Patios, decks, sidewalks that get covered in rain or snow will become damaged much faster than if the weather is kept off of them.

Gordon Exterior Cleaning in Palm Beach Florida does an amazing job at gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Why should I get my windows cleaned?

Getting your windows cleaned is not just a luxury that wealthy people and business pay for.  It is a maintenance issue that must be addressed and kept up as your property ages.

Not cleaning your windows can actually do irreversible damage to the glass in your windows and the window frames that surround them

When left unattended or uncleaned for many months, the sun will cook the dirt into the glass and the window frames.  When you decide to call a window cleaner to come clean your windows, they will be unable to bring the life and luster back to the glass and window frames.  Your home or business will start to fade and look old.

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Glass Act Pro Wash for this great information!

What cleaner do professional window washers use?

Ah, you are looking for the secret sauce that gets windows looking their best!  That is a great question, so here is the super secret ingredient behind what professional window cleaners use.

Dish soap.

That’s it! Really!  Over 90% of window cleaning companies use straight Dawn dish soap mixed with tap water.

What most people do not realize is that you can literally wash windows with pretty much whatever, as long as your squeegee has a sharp edge that will squeegee the glass perfectly.

Another behind the scenes secret is this.  Follow a window cleaner around and look in his bucket after he washed windows for an hour or so.  His water bucket is brown or black and dirty!  Yet, he still can clean windows perfectly.

Andy from Professional Window Cleaning in Denver provided us with this amazing behind the scenes look into a window cleaner’s bucket!

How do you clean windows perfectly?

Cleaning windows perfectly is an enormous challenge if you do not know what you are doing.  How about we ask Blake from Lottery Window Cleaning in La Jolla, CA how he does such an amazing job getting windows cleaned.

Ryan told us after many years working in the window washing field, the real winner is to use a professional squeegee, or to use some pure-water to rinse a piece of glass after scrubbing it.

A professional squeegee can be found at any local janitor supply store, or online but searching for a Sorbo, Ettore, or Unger squeegees.

What should you use to clean outside windows?

With many options in the marketplace for window cleaning, what should be used to clean your outside windows?

There are really only two recommended methods to use if you ask professional window cleaners.  The first method is to use de-ionized water.  This method tke all the impurities out of the water so that in essence it is pure.  You scrub your windows down, and then simply rinse them off with this special water.  It will drip-dry free of spots and it will look amazing.  This will not leave any streaks from squeegees or smudges from rags.

The second method most professionals use is a simple squeegee.  You have to have the right technique and skill to do this without leaving streaks behind.  A lot of practice though, and you can clean your whole home in no time with a squeegee.

Thanks to Jim at Window Washing Wealth for this tid-bit of information!

Will pressure washing hurt my house?

You may have heard of your neighbors or other people getting their house power washed, but is it hurting their home rather than helping clean it?

This is a very common question.  Your home is your single most valuable asset, so you want to take care of it the best you can.

Pressure washers have a few different variables that can help ensure it will not harm your home.  The pressure washer gun has different tips they use; Red -0 degree, White -15 degree, Yellow -30 degree, or Green -45 degree.  Using the right tip will defuse a lot of the pressure that can harm your home.  Some pressure washers also have the ability to turn the pressure up or down.

Be careful not to get too close to your stucco, wood, or the siding of you home.  A close, direct, spray can put a hole in your home.  Common sense will allow you to stand back 10 feet or so to allow a nice soft wash that only removes the dirt, dust, and cob webs.

You can learn more from Peter’s Pressure Washing in Tampa FL by clicking here.

How do you clean high windows without a ladder?

High windows face the wind more prominently than the windows located on the lower levels and therefore, get very dirty, very quickly. Unfortunately, cleaning high windows is quite a tricky task, especially if you do not have a ladder. However, years of experience gives professional cleaners some advantage and ideas regarding how to tackle tricky situations.

Depending on the height of the windows, professional cleaners have several options at their disposal. If the windows are not too high, the problem can be solved with a special brush attached to a long handle. Most professional cleaners use a hollow handle to which any kind of hose or brush can be attached. Usually, these handles are long enough to allow cleaners to reach at least until the second story of a building.

However, when dealing with high rises, professional cleaners either use the suspended platform that most sky rises already have or use a bosun chair, which is a wooden seat with safety hooks on the side for placing a bucket, to clean windows.

Special thanks to Squeegee Pros Window Cleaning  in Charlotte for answering this question for us!

How Do You Clean High Rise Windows?

If you live or work in a high-rise building, there are few things more disconcerting than smudged, grimy windows. A big part of the appeal of a high-rise building is large windows that offer a flawless view of the city below. High Rise Window Cleaners can help keep your windows streak and grime-free. Our experienced team of window cleaners can safely, efficiently, and affordably clean the windows in your home or office. If unwashed windows are getting you down, High Rise Window Cleaners will be happy to brighten your windows and your day.


Cleaning high-rise windows can be a dangerous job. The cleaning team at undergo extensive window cleaning safety training so that every one of our window cleaners can work swiftly and safely. You don’t have to worry about the well being of our window cleaners, even if you live or work in one of the tallest buildings in town. Our window cleaners know exactly how to set up, do their work, and come back down again as safely as someone who works on the ground floor. If you have ever considered cleaning windows that are higher than your average ladder yourself, it is best to leave such a potentially perilous job to trained professionals.


The team at High Rise Window Cleaners works with great care to ensure a streak-free finish. Our goal is for your windows to look clean and clear for weeks after our window cleaners visit. Our team checks and re-checks to make sure that every inch of your windows are clean. We use state of the art tools and cleaning solutions to ensure that your windows will be bright, beautiful, and flawless. If your windows were recently pummeled by a powerful storm that left water marks in its wake, our team can remove all traces of inclement weather and ensure that your windows will sparkle in the sunshine.


Regardless if you are a commercial window washing customer or high rise customer, our team offers outstanding window cleaning services at competitive rates. You can keep the windows of your home or office in pristine condition without breaking the bank. Regular window cleanings will prolong the life of your windows, and increase the value of your home or office. Hiring a high-rise window cleaning service may sound incredibly posh. Having the windows of your home or office professionally cleaned is more much affordable and accessible than you may think.

High Rise Window Cleaners can help you get a clear view of the sunrise while you’re drinking your morning coffee in your kitchen, or help ensure that a new client looks out a streak-free window during an important meeting. Dirty windows don’t have to be a fact of life. Our team can help you get the best possible view from your home or office window. High Rise Window Cleaners are committed to helping the windows in your home or office look their best. Our team can polish your home or office windows so that your windows shine as they have never shined before.

Can You Use Warm Water In Pressure Washer?

reliable power washing service
top rated pressure washing services

Pressure washing can be categorized in a variety of ways. It can either be commercial, electric, or gas-powered, or it can be either hot or cold water pressure washer. So the answer for that question is yes, you can use warm water in a pressure washer.

In fact, warm pressure washer is used in a myriad of industries. In the food processing industry, greasy and oily plates are usually cleaned using hot pressured water in order to remove stubborn oil and food residues quickly, since these food residue won’t simply come off with cold water.

In a nutshell, hot water cleans better compared with cold water. Furthermore, hot water is also found to kill bacteria that will help many industries to maintain their safety standards and rigorous health. However, it is important to remember that you cannot warm the water at an extremely high temperature, since you may overheat the equipment or melt the lids of the pump.

Special thanks to Ambassador Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing for providing us this great information!  You can check the out here:

How Much Should I Charge to Power Wash a House?

Pressure Washing Service in Ahwatukee
Best power washing services

There are several variables which need to be taken into account when you are working out how much to charge for power washing a house– it can seem like a daunting task. But if you follow these basic procedures, it should make the process a whole lot easier.

FIRST: It’s recommended that you take a look at a few price rates offered by other providers. Where does your service fit on this scale? This can be a handy resource for absolute beginners. Then you can decide whether to charge a flat rate, charge per hour or per square foot.

SECOND: Once you have come up with your cost strategy, you need to find out how large an area you will be power washing. You should then be able to factor this into your pricing.

THIRD: Another key element is the resources that will be required for the power washing job. You need to ensure that your pricing not only covers the pressure washing equipment you will be using, but also more tangential factors like transport and insurance coverage etc.

All in all, pressure washing services typically are charged between $100 to $150 per man hour.  This cost should cover the expenses for equipment, gas, and labor.

What is a Good Streak Free Window Cleaner?

window cleaning phoenix AZ (1)

I recommend the liquid soap like Dawn Dish Soap for cleaning windows, because it is more concentrated and will produce less streaking. You can re-apply the soap and water at any point in time, so if you go to a spot where there’s more dirt than you anticipated, just add some more soap and prod at that area with your utility clothes until you feel it’s clean.

It drives me nuts when people use newspapers to clean windows instead of using a real squeegee that produces no streaks (we sell those for cheap). Newspapers are too heavy and they have all these little fibers that get stuck on your window no matter how much care you take with them.  Tom with TLC Window Cleaning Services in North Carolina also uses squeegees and dish soap when cleaning windows for homes and businesses.

Window Washing Business Coach

Why should I have my windows cleaned?

Looking for a good reason to hire a professional to wash your windows?  Truly a professional window cleaning company will ensure your windows are covered by a warranty for workmanship and their company to be liable if anything happens.

The most important reason to hire an expert window cleaner is that they can give you peace of mind with the job. As professional cleaners, they also have a clear agreement not only to do the work but also stand behind it in case something goes wrong. You can also benefit from professional cleaners because they guarantee healthier glass through their quality products, while saving you time and hassle of doing it yourself or hiring someone else to do it. The end result is often cleaner windows – nothing more than good old-fashioned elbow grease – though this task requires getting on ladders with precarious balances for hours at a time.

Great stuff from our wonderful friends at Five Star Pressure Washing in Florida!

When Should Windows Be Washed?

David with Tropical Home & Commercial Services says that it’s best to wash windows in the morning or evening, before the sun hits the glass. This is the best time because at this time it’s usually not too hot (and chance of streaks), and while you have all your lights on inside.

When you get up in the morning, your window will be free from most debris like dirt or twigs, which can easily scratch a glass surface. And at night, the light coming through windows provides enough illumination so that you don’t need an external source of light. As for frequency – if possible – washing windows twice a year is ideal. At least once during a rainy season and again in winter when there are no leaves on trees to leave them dirty.

How to Hire The Right Pressure Washing Company?

You need to be able to recognize a reputable company. Be prepared with all your questions about their reliability, the scope of the job, how much water they plan on using, how they clean up afterwards and more. Do thorough research before you hire one so that when you have a question ready no matter what question you may receive they will know exactly what is expected.

Determine which service best suits your needs by examining the company’s website for different customer testimonials and reviews. It may even be wise to contact others who have experience dealing with other pressure washing companies so that you can double-check their comments against those of previous customers who had similar jobs as you are looking for.

Thanks to Wise Guys Pro-Wash in Atlanta for this great read!

Can I clean my own windows on my two story house?

Probably. It is a good idea, however, to use a ladder to wash windows in order to protect your safety in this case.

In addition to being at high risk of falling from the ladder and injuring yourself if you were to slip, or if the ladder were to tip while you were on it.

Asking for help when using a ladder is always wise so that someone can assist you in the event that anything goes wrong or needs adjusting while on location.

Special thanks to Glass Act Pro Wash in West Palm Beach Florida for giving us this insight!

What is the best tool to clean windows without streaking?

window cleaning phoenix AZ (1)Nearly every professional window cleaner uses a squeegee, but the other good options are paper towels and microfiber cloths. The reasons that window cleaners always use a squeegee is because it leaves you with the cleanest finish and saving water in the process. If you’re squeamish about applying too much pressure when wiping, then these other two methods should be sufficient for your needs.

It also might help if we were to make some distinctions between residential or commercial windows; which is what you were originally asking about. For commercial windows (either standard height of high-rise), it’s common to use an extension pole plus three different materials: sponge, soft lint-free cloths, and a plastic wiper blade.

What is the Best DIY Window Cleaner?

Answer: There are a few different recipes for a homemade window cleaner that can work effectively. One common recipe is a mixture of vinegar, water, and dish soap. Another recipe uses ammonia, water, and vinegar. A final option is to use rubbing alcohol and water.

All of these recipes are effective at cleaning windows and removing dirt, dust, and other debris. They can be used on both indoor and outdoor windows. However, it’s important to take caution when using any type of ammonia-based cleaner, as the fumes can be harmful if inhaled. Always make sure to open a window or door to allow air circulation when using an ammonia-based cleaner.

Lastly, try using a squeegee to wipe any of the soapy water off the glass.  It will remove the soap and water and leave a streak-free shine!

Thanks to our great friends at Blue Skies Services in Cincinnati, OH.

Does South Mountain Window Cleaning work in Flagstaff AZ?

South Mountain Window Cleaning currently cleans windows all over the Metro Phoenix area, and most of the outlying cities, including Flagstaff too!

We also mostly provide residential window washing services, some commercial window cleaning, and even high rise window cleaning services too.

What is residential window washing service?

Answer: A window washing service is a company that sends professionals to your home to clean your windows. Window washers use a variety of techniques to clean windows, including squeegees, water and vinegar, and microfiber cloths. Prices for window washing services vary depending on the size of your home and the severity of the stains on your windows. Some companies also offer additional services, such as pressure washing or gutter cleaning.

*Our recommendation for window cleaners in Flagstaff is Flagstaff Window Cleaning. They are owned by Mitch McKinnon, and they are a professional company through and through!

Some Happy Customers From Our 400+ Reviews

Kevin Harper
Kevin Harper
Pheonix, AZ
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What can’t these guys do? I saw a post yesterday of the monsoon and they stated job security. lol I laughed. I show up to work this morning and my temp banner was almost blown away last night. So I was like hmmm who to call. They answered at 7am and was here by 8:15 and competed by 8:25am this morning. I love small biz. True hard working individual who care about the customer experience. Oh and I set up bi weekly window cleanings with them. Killed 2 birds one stone.
Heidi Lovato
Heidi Lovato
Phoenix, AZ
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I am very happy with South Mountain Window Cleaning and the great job they did cleaning the windows at our home! We had the inside and outside along with our screens cleaned today. The communication from the initial estimate to the cleaning day was outstanding! They showed up on time and it was just an overall great experience. We will use them again and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants clean windows in their home or business.
Allie Farmer
Allie Farmer
Phoenix, AZ
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I just hired South Mountain Window Cleaning again to clean windows and stucco on our new house. They went way out of their way to drive to the edge of QC and San Tan Valley and did not charge me extra! They did another amazing job. Since they had a little more time than they had originally planned for, they heat washed my driveway for free. My husband cannot stop bragging about the oil stains being removed ! Super impressive work as always! Thank you very much!

South Mountain Window Cleaning's Core Services

residential window cleaning phoenix

Our residential window cleaning services are second to none. From the first phone call to the final walk around our goal is to provide you with a customer service experience like no other. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you have nothing to worry about during your service. Our residential window cleaning services include: inside and out window cleaning, screen cleaning, screen repair, track cleaning, window tinting, ceiling fan cleaning, coach light cleaning, mirror cleaning, and more.

commercial window cleaning phoenix az

Our commercial window cleaning service is the most reliable in Phoenix, Arizona. Computerized scheduling assures that we show up when we are supposed to. We offer weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance window cleaning as well as one-time services. Our technicians are trained to be polite and courteous to your clientele, opening doors and staying out of the way. Our goal is to be in and out without you ever realizing that we are there. We carry a $2 Million Insurance Policy to protect both our business and yours. 

pressure washing phoenix

South Mountain Window Cleaning, LLC also offers full service power washing. We power wash drive-thrus, dumpster pads, walkways, building exteriors, and more. Power washing is a necessary service to keep your property not only clean, but safe. Built up grease and grime can cause slip hazards to your clients and employees. We will safely remove these hazards while restoring your properties cleanliness. The easiest solution for rejuvenating any property back to its former beauty is through power washing.

solar panel cleaning phoenix az

Solar panels in Arizona can soak up more rays than just about any other place in the country. This can provide you great returns on your investment through solar energy. However being in Arizona there is a lot of dust and very little rainfall. This causes a two-fold problem. Due to these issues your solar panels will be overtaken by dirt, not allowing the solar cells to efficiently harness the power of the sun. Our solar panel cleaning service will have your panels perfectly clean and performing at their maximum ability!

High Rise Window Cleaners Phoenix AZ
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South Mountain Cleaners

Equipment for High Rise Window Cleaners

Equipment for High Rise Window Cleaners High rise window cleaners need various safety and climbing equipment. Hiring professional help allows you to access these tools.

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