Equipment for High Rise Window Cleaners

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Equipment for High Rise Window Cleaners

High rise window cleaners need various safety and climbing equipment. Hiring professional help allows you to access these tools.


Professional high rise window cleaners use many tools and equipment to tackle these large buildings they are tasked to clean!  Here is a list of a few of the pro tools they use:

BUCKET: It contains the soap and water mixture needed to clean high-floor windows. This bucket can have a unique design for easy handling.

GLASS SCRAPER: This tool removes grime and dirt on the windows.

T-BAR WAND OR SPONGE: This equipment wets the high-floor windows.

SQUEEGEE: This equipment helps the cleaner wipe dirty water away, leaving a clean window.

TOWELS OR RAGS: The cleaner uses these items to do a final polish.

SPARE BLADES: The rubber and metal on squeegees and scrapers wear down after extended use. Having spares ensures the cleaners have the essential tools while on higher floors.

TOOLBELT: The cleaners use this tool to carry and support their tools to leave their hands free.


High rise window cleaners need various tools to scale the building’s exterior.

MOVABLE PLATFORM: This item gives the cleaners a stable place to stand as they clean high-floor windows. A pulley of ropes lowers this platform when moving down the next floor.
BOSUN’S CHAIR: Cleaners use this equipment when they aren’t standing. They sit on it and lower it when descending.


The cleaners need various safety tools.

HARNESS OR SAFETY BELT: This tool ensures cleaners are safe if the platform supporting them falls. The harness tied to the building holds them in place.

PROTECTIVE GLOVES: This equipment protects the cleaners from elements that can affect their grips, such as cold, rain, sweat, and snow. They will have the needed hold and confidence when encountering these things while several floors up the building’s exterior.

Hire professional high rise window washers to access these tools. This step saves you the hustle of buying and maintaining the equipment.

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