What Temperature is Best for Cleaning Windows?

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What Temperature is Best for Cleaning Windows?

As cleaning windows is a difficult task for the vast majority of homeowners, you are likely wondering how to choose the best time of year that offers the longest-lasting results. So, what temperature is best for cleaning windows?

In general, it’s best to clean the windows during the fall or spring months. Wondering why so? Temperature plays a big role when it comes to the efficiency of windows cleaning and end results.

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Low temperatures during the winter months can lead to freezing if you use improper cleaning solutions. On the other hand, high summer temperatures can lead to streaking since the cleaning solution quickly evaporate under the influence of sunlight. Although summer is the ideal time to remove all the pollen, glass is hot, and the cleaning solution evaporates almost immediately.

Therefore, spring is the best time with the ideal temperature for windows cleaning since the winter weather has made them their dirtiest.

No matter what the season is, it’s best to do this task on an overcast day or eventually early in the morning.

Last but not least. As you do not want to waste a sunny day doing windows cleaning, do not worry, you are in luck. The best time to clean windows is on a cloudy day.

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