Should I clean my windows during monsoon season in Phoenix, Arizona?

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South Mountain Cleaners

Rain Isn’t the Only Thing Dirtying Up Your Windows

We get it, cleaning windows (or paying a professional to have them cleaned) isn’t the most
exciting thing to do on your never-ending “to do” list.

For many residents of Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas Monsoon season is just the excuse
they needed to postpone this laborious task. Logic would dictate that more rain means dirtier

So why clean them if they are just going to get abused by the coming rains? For the same
reason you get your car washed even though it might rain.

When it comes to dirty windows, rain isn’t the only culprit causing them to become dirty, not by
a longshot. In fact, rain can actually help them STAY clean.
Window Cleaning in Spring: to do or not to do, that is the
For Phoenix, AZ, spring is HERE! And with it a list of things you no doubt need to take care of
(such as the dreaded ‘spring cleaning’ extravaganza). As part of this welcome mat to the coming
summer months, we tidy up, prepare our yards and clean the house. Windows, however, are
often looked at with a slight hesitation and caution for fear that spring and monsoon season
rains will reverse all of your hard work.

Let us put your mind to ease: rainwater is CLEAN.

Its water folks. One hydrogen and two oxygen atoms bonded together (we’ll skip the chemistry
lesson). But if rain isn’t the real culprit, what is?

The Real Reason your Windows Are Dirty
Window washing keeps our home’s literal windows to the world both aesthetically pleasing as
well as functional, allowing you to see clearing in and out and improving the clarity of vision as
well as natural light to shine through.
But what causes them to grime up, spot and become otherwise disgusting to look at?

1. Screens
Although they serve the purpose of providing protection from pests, debris, dirt and pollen,
these seemingly harmless accessories are one of the main culprits of causing dirty windows.

Here’s why: the screens do their job well, trapping and collecting dust, dirt, pollen and more in
their “screened” material. No problem so far, but when the rain comes is when the real issue
arises. Clean unadulterated rain, blown by the wind, hits this DIRTY screen. When this happens
the rain droplets are mixed with all that dirt and grime from the screen, passing through and
landing directly on your window.

PRO TIP: Any time you or a professional window washer cleans your windows, always make
sure to remove and thoroughly clean the screens.

2. Environmental Factors
While every area of the country is different, home and business owners in Phoenix, AZ face
unique challenges to their area, including dust from dry sandy soil, and in certain areas, acid

Acid rain, as the name suggests is acidic. Over time this rain can have a negative impact on
windows and screens, breaking down materials and causing them to become less effective or
even more porous (both of which may mean they more easily collect and retain dirt and grime).

You Deserve Clean Windows – don’t let the coming monsoon season hold you back

At South Mountain Window Cleaning, we’ve proudly served the local community, offering
world-class friendly service, window washing, pressure washing and more for home and
business owners alike.

We live and work in the same community you do, and are adept and skilled at dealing with the
unique weather-related challenges in the area.

Call us today at (480) 519-9327 or drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

We’d love to hear from you.

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