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When is the last time your property was power washed?

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Power Washing Service in Phoenix, Arizona.

Most people do not realize how much better their flat surfaces will look after having them professionally power washed. The picture above is from a demonstration we performed at a restaurant drive-thru in Phoenix, Arizona. The manager was thoroughly impressed the improvement in his stores curb appeal and now has our company power wash the concrete monthly to keep it looking it’s best. A few common questions that we are asked about power washing are:

- Will your power washing machine damage my concrete?

The answer is no. A power washer in the hands of an inexperienced and untrained person can absolutely cause damage to your concrete, but our technicians are trained therefore preventing damage to your property. Do not hire an inexperienced person to power wash your property. 

- Do you use harsh chemicals when you power wash and will they damage my plants?

NO. The cleaners we use are biodegradable and some of the safest on the market. A lot of other power washing companies in Phoenix use acids and other caustic cleaners because they are less expensive. Once again this is a reason to do your research when hiring a power washing company.

- What does it cost to hire a power washing company?

Power washing is an affordable way to restore curb appeal to your property with almost instantaneous results. The cost depends on the type of surfaces we will be cleaning, how dirty they are, and several other factors. You can call us for a free quote anytime at (480)519-9327 or visit our power washing page.
Power Washing In Phoenix Arizona

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