South Mountain Window Cleaning A Dream Come True

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South Mountain Window Cleaning - Living the Dream

This is the story about how South Mountain Window Cleaning was born.

Jeremiah and his wife Jill lived in Quincy, IL when they were newly married. Jeremiah has always had a passion for sales and marketing and starting new businesses. He did some freelance work on his own like selling antiques on eBay, and helping the local church turn donations into profits that could be used to benefit the community. During that time, his main job was Window Cleaning Technician. 
It didn’t take long for the window cleaning company he worked for to realize that he was far more valuable doing sales and marketing than he was running a squeegee on glass all day. He was promoted, and was able to grow the company. He even got a cleaning contract with one of the largest commercial businesses in the area. 
But as much as Jeremiah loved his new role and position, he was restless. Quincy, IL is a rather small town. Population 40,000. Jeremiah grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and longed for the hustle and bustle of a larger city. His brother Thomas had left a small town in Michigan just a few years earlier and planted his permanent home in Phoenix, Arizona. 
And so began a year long debate between Jeremiah and his wife! Jeremiah begged Jill for months and months to move to Phoenix, AZ! He visited Phoenix multiple times and came up with a plan. He was going to start his own Window Cleaning business in Ahwatukee. “There’s more dust in Phoenix. How could it go wrong?!” Jeremiah would petition his wife.
Well, Jeremiah is so good at sales and marketing that he can usually get whatever he wants from his wife with enough persuasion. This time the persuasion came in the form of creating South Mountain Window Cleaning online, through He had never cleaned a single window in Phoenix, but he created the online presence and soon enough his phone was ringing and people in Arizona were asking him to come clean their windows. 
Jeremiah had his brother Tom drive to the houses to provide estimates before he even arrived in Phoenix. On May 1st, 2017, Jeremiah bought a minivan, loaded it with 1 ladder, a couple mops, squeegees, and a lot of faith, and drove across the country to start South Mountain Window Cleaning. 
It didn’t take long before Tom was a full-time partner in the business. Jeremiah might be good at sales and marketing, but Thomas is the muscle and the one who gets things done. The two of them balance each other perfectly to create a stable and reliable company. It has grown beyond their wildest dreams in the last year. 
Later the company added multiple branches of home services, including power washing, pressure washing, and solar panel cleaning. They’ve also been able to provide stable work for a few other professional Window Cleaning Technicians in the Valley as well. South Mountain Window Cleaning has become a great team of hardworking men. 
South Mountain Window Cleaning is built on the foundation of a true entrepreneur’s spirit. Their core values are quality, service, reliability, and a clean, fresh image. If we are to provide a clean, fresh service for your home, our technicians, trucks, and materials should be clean and fresh as well. 
And if any of you are wondering how Jeremiah’s wife is doing after all of this… We are happy to report that she is currently writing this blog post from the comfort of her own home in the Ahwatukee Foothills, and is satisfied with Jeremiah’s crazy idea to start his own business in Phoenix, Arizona!
South Mountain Window Cleaning A Dream Come True

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