Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo – A Place of Wonder and Discovery

The Phoenix Zoo is a place of wonder and discovery. Nestled on 125 acres within Papago Park, it features a wide variety of animals from Bornean orangutans to Asian elephants. You’ll be glad you read this!

The zoo also hosts events such as ZooLights, which incorporates millions of lights and displays to create an unforgettable experience.

Animal Habitats

Animal habitats are an essential part of modern zoos’ work as conservation agents. They serve as a means of practicing conservation breeding, reintroducing animals to the wild, and raising public awareness about species loss and recovery.

At Phoenix Zoo, animal habitats are carefully designed and monitored to ensure the safety of the animals. Security personnel checks the zoo’s gates and cameras every day to make sure that no one gets into an area where there are animals.

The zoo is also adding new animals to its habitats, including black-footed ferrets, siamangs, and Andean bears. Siamangs are a species of monkey that is known for its ability to swing from tree branches and use its throat pouches to make loud noises.

Endangered Species Carousel

The Phoenix Zoo focuses on wildlife conservation and features animals from across the world. Founded by Robert Maytag in 1962, this zoo is home to over 3,000 animals on 125 acres of naturalistic exhibit space.

The zoo also offers several fun things to do and special events. It is made up of four major themed areas, or “trails,” where visitors can experience exhibits representing different regions of the world and their native wildlife: Arizona Trail, Africa Trail, Tropics Trail, and Discovery/Children’s Trail.

The Arizona Trail features plants and critters that are indigenous to the Sonoran Desert, including the saguaro cactus, and animals like coyotes, bobcats, collared peccary (more commonly known as javelina), cougars, turkey vultures, coati, thick-billed parrots. In addition to this, there is also Stingray Bay, a unique area where guests can touch and feed stingrays. Browse around this site to check more exciting places.

Education Programs

The Phoenix Zoo has a great selection of education programs that are perfect for any age group. Whether you are looking for a virtual classroom safari that focuses on penguins, coral reefs, endangered species, or nocturnal animals, there is something for everyone.

In addition, the Zoo has a variety of online learning resources that teachers can use to supplement their curriculum. These include videos, worksheets, and other interactive resources.

Younger students will enjoy learning about how to use their science skills to discover animal characteristics and adaptations that help them survive in the wild. Older students can learn about the life cycles of birds and mammals, as well as design a zoo exhibit that meets the needs of the animals, zoo guests, and zoo keepers.

The Phoenix Zoo is home to more than 3,000 animals and offers something for every member of the family! Visit the zoo today to experience a world of wonder and imagination.

Special Events

The Phoenix Zoo is a great place for families to spend time together. It’s one of the largest non-profit zoos in the United States, nestled on 125 acres within Papago Park.

Visitors can wander over 2.5 miles of trails, divided into Arizona, Africa, Tropics, and Children’s Trails. Each takes about an hour to complete.

Young kids will love the Children’s Trail, which introduces them to gibbons, tamarins, and emus. The trail also leads to a farm area that they will enjoy exploring.

The Phoenix Zoo is a family-friendly zoo that offers a variety of special events throughout the year. They also have a few discounts that can make visiting even more affordable. Browse next article.


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