How To Do Your Own Window Cleaning in Phoenix Arizona

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Check out this guide on how to clean windows on your property in Phoenix, Arizona.

how to clean your own windows
We have many customers ask us how to clean certain windows on their home in between professional cleanings. These are usually a large picture window or kitchen window that has a prominent position in your home.
The first step to cleaning your own window is to have the proper tools. As a professional window cleaning company we use professional tools. You can also buy mid grade window cleaning tools such as these from Amazon.
~ This squeegee is sufficient for occasional use on a residence and it is less then $5!
~ You will also need a good solution to clean your windows. Glass Gleam 4 is used by many professionals and helps break down dirt while giving your window a wonderful shine.
~ You can use a car wash sponge or a window cleaning applicator to add the soap to the glass. 
After you have the correct tools you will want to work on your technique. This YouTube video shows how we teach our window cleaners to remove the dirty water from a window using a “fanning technique. This is fairly easy to learn and can be perfected after you clean about 5,000 windows. Just kidding. 
If after all of this you decide you’d still like a professional to clean your windows give us a call at 480.519.9327 or fill out this form and someone on our team will contact you shortly.
Good Luck!
how to clean your windows

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